REVIEW: Nobody, Ever – "Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road"

I hate to pigeon hole bands as one genre or another. At best, it is a bit disingenuous; at worst, it is lazy. Nobody, Ever are a band that exist in a middle ground. Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road plays out like an indie/emo record. The band also keeps a firm foothold in gruff, melodic punk rock.

Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road is a quick EP. Despite having a 15 minute runtime, it really hits all the right spots. Nobody, Ever take cues from the emo/post-hardcore side of punk rock. They remind me of certain Gainesville, FL bands in their delivery. Gruff, but melodic. Bits of twinkle mixed with driving guitar. It’s like a mix of Dikembe and Finding The Rhythms era Hot Water Music.

All four songs on this EP are really great. “On A July Sunday” has a subdued kind of intro, then picks up to great emo/punk song. It has a great back and forth. It transitions seamlessly to “Snap To Zero Weather.” As far as choosing a stand-out, “Not So Good, Al” really makes a case for itself. That song is just hooky and catchy. The backing vocals are super fucking strong there. The record closer “Everyone, Always” is right there too though. It is a really solid 4 and a half minutes that rises and falls perfectly. That song encompasses everything the band does on the record.

Nobody, Ever have produced a great debut EP. Everything about this record is promising. I’m really stoked to hear more. I really don’t know how popular this band is, as they are from Leicester, UK. They should be huge. In the UK, stateside, and everywhere else. Check it out.

Nobody, Ever

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