YEAR END! – Top Twenty EPs / Splits Of 2013


  • Nobody, Ever – “This Wall Is Dedicated To Liam And His Mates”
  • All Dogs – “All Dogs”
  • The Island Of Misfit Toys – “Furiouser & Furiouser”
  • Adobe Homes / Innards – “Split”
  • These Branches – “Beliefs”
  • Best Practices – Sore Subjects
  • Late Night Beers – “Waking”
  • Lemuria – “Brilliant Dancer”
  • Dads – “Pretty Good”
  • Football, etc / Plaids – “Split”
  • Perfect Future – “Irrational, Malleable, Inevitable”
  • Sunday Guts – “Leave It Go”
  • Graves. – “We Could Stand Here, SIlent And Still”
  • Tyler Daniel Bean – “Everything You Do Scares Me”
  • Young Turks – “Where I Rise”
  • Self Defense Family – “You Are Beneath Her”
  • Abi Reimold / Infinity Crush – “Wish It Stopped (split)”
  • Iron Chic – “Spooky Action”
  • Dikembe / Pet Symmetry – “Split”
  • Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) / Malegoat – “Split”

REVIEW: Nobody, Ever – "This Wall Is Dedicated To Liam And His Mates"

How good is this band? I was totally excited for this band when I reviewed their other EP back in April. This new one only furthers that excitement. I always feel weird about reviewing multiple releases by a band. Mostly because there isn’t usually much more to say. There are still things to say about Nobody, Ever. This Wall Is Dedicated To Liam And His Mates picks up right where Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road left off. Musically, it’s not so different. Possibly a touch poppier, maybe?

What really makes this record stand apart from it’s predecessor is the lyrical content. There is a very personal, sincere feeling to them. Obviously any band would go for that. More often than not, the songs end up being generalized bullshit about “life” or whatever. It’s easy to write those kinds of songs. Shitty bands have been doing it forever. While those songs may resonate more with a wider audience, they often end up being forced. Nobody, Ever has sidestepped that. Every song on here just hits. More importantly, every song here works well as it’s own thing and as part of a greater piece. Without trying to read too much into other people’s work, there seems to be a theme of personal dissatisfaction. Maybe a bit of weltschmertz? I don’t know, it’s hard to explain.
The general summation is: the songwriting is great, and the music is on the nose perfect. This does sound less like an emo record, and more a gruff, melodic punk record though. It’s such a lazy comparison, but there are a lot of things that make me think of old No Idea Records releases. It’s a bit like GNV punk rock/post-hardcore tempered by some great pop influences. It’s a winner.

Nobody, Ever

REVIEW: Nobody, Ever – "Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road"

I hate to pigeon hole bands as one genre or another. At best, it is a bit disingenuous; at worst, it is lazy. Nobody, Ever are a band that exist in a middle ground. Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road plays out like an indie/emo record. The band also keeps a firm foothold in gruff, melodic punk rock.

Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road is a quick EP. Despite having a 15 minute runtime, it really hits all the right spots. Nobody, Ever take cues from the emo/post-hardcore side of punk rock. They remind me of certain Gainesville, FL bands in their delivery. Gruff, but melodic. Bits of twinkle mixed with driving guitar. It’s like a mix of Dikembe and Finding The Rhythms era Hot Water Music.

All four songs on this EP are really great. “On A July Sunday” has a subdued kind of intro, then picks up to great emo/punk song. It has a great back and forth. It transitions seamlessly to “Snap To Zero Weather.” As far as choosing a stand-out, “Not So Good, Al” really makes a case for itself. That song is just hooky and catchy. The backing vocals are super fucking strong there. The record closer “Everyone, Always” is right there too though. It is a really solid 4 and a half minutes that rises and falls perfectly. That song encompasses everything the band does on the record.

Nobody, Ever have produced a great debut EP. Everything about this record is promising. I’m really stoked to hear more. I really don’t know how popular this band is, as they are from Leicester, UK. They should be huge. In the UK, stateside, and everywhere else. Check it out.

Nobody, Ever