REVIEW: Young Turks – “Where I Rise”

ytwirHardcore, sans prefix, is a genre I’m at odds with a lot of the time. It’s a genre that tends to navel gaze and dwell on the same old bullshit. It’s a scene full of bands trying to be toughest guys in the room. There is a whole lot of chest beating and talking about “the scene.” Young Turks are a band that, despite the muscle behind the music, avoid that kind of thing. They are a band who is only getting better, and is doing so without circling the wagons and catering to the base. That’s a refreshing change. Especially in hardcore.

Where I Rise is a record that fires on all cylinders from start to finish. It’s a four EP that clocks in at around seven minutes. Musically it is loud, fast, and everything you could want from the genre. There is a lot going on here. It boasts well written songs on the theme of endurance and strength of will. It is a different feel from their similarly titled LP, Where I Lie. If that full length was the pit of frustration, Where I Rise is the soaring victory. It’s right there in the record titles, man.

Young Turks has a lot of influence from early 2000 hardcore. They have enough outside influences to make it their own. This thing rips through it’s run and is over in a flash. It has the energy of live hardcore that rarely translates well to recording. This record comes on like gangbusters and doesn’t let up.

Young Turks
Animal Style Records
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