REVIEW: Ghost Thrower – “Ghost Thrower”

ghostthrowerOn the heels of four EPs, Ghost Thrower officially have a great full length to add to the list. I don’t want to go into a big dissertation regarding ex-bands (Therefore I Am, Shipwreck AD, and The Tower and The Fool), so I’ll just cut to the chase. This is a really engaging full length. It’s full of energy and well crafted songs.

It’s a great sound. The songs are well crafted and draw from a well of influences. Pop, punk, indie, and emo are all represented without one ever really overtaking the rest. There is some solid pop influences mixed in with touches of synths. Think somewhere between The Get Up Kids, Jawbreaker, and Tigers Jaw (with some 1960’s pop thrown in for measure). It’s biggest asset is that it sounds familiar and welcoming. No wheels are being reinvented, no paradigms being shifted. But that’s really not the point, is it?

Lyrically it skews towards the negative side of things. There some relationship stuff, substance abuse stuff, and an overall feeling of personal dissatisfaction. That doesn’t sound like an enjoyable listen at first blush, but it really works. It makes the record easy to relate to. It’s an adult angst, if that makes sense. It’s not quite Blake Schwarzenbach, but you can see it there.

What I’m saying is that it works.

Ghost Thrower
Broken Circles Records
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