REVIEW: Sup, Muscles? – “More Feelings”


I was reading up on this band before going into this review. I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news. We may never escape the “twinkle daddies” joke. That phrase has officially become part of the vernacular. It’s true, it’s true. And Sup, Muscles? is definitely that kind of band. They are definitely getting good mileage out of the mathy/twinkly guitars. They took the gimmick and ran with it. They are, luckily, very good at it. It works.

More Feelings is a record that is really in the same lineage as bands like Cap’n Jazz and Algernon Cadwallader. The song structures are very loose. There is almost a disjointed feeling to some of them. Think an emo US Maple. It really shouldn’t work, but Sup, Muscles? makes it work.

My favorite part of this EP has to be the dual vocals of Molly Spear and Jacob Campbell. Their interplay adds a great cohesion to the record. It’s a cohesion that is really needed. Things are all over the place musically, so it’s good to have a structure. This works especially well on songs like “I’m Resilient” and “Something About Ghost.”

This is a record that may not be for everyone though. It’s a good record, and the band is very skilled. It does suffer from the disjointed sound and lack of focus. I don’t know, give it a shot though.

Sup, Muscles?
Seizure Man Records
Ozona Records
Waybridge Records
Open Door Records

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