REVIEW: Scrap Kids – "I Just Want To Play In Living Rooms"

I wish I would have gotten this review done sooner. This EP is really fucking solid. Scrap Kids is a one man folk punk band. Lawson David Bloom is drawing on a whole gamut of influences, including those that wouldn’t be expected for this particular genre. It is a great situation to be in.

To label I Just Want To Play In Living Rooms as just a “folk punk” record doesn’t seem fair. Yeah, it is, but there is more to it than that. There is so much fucking heart in it from the get go. “Soul Searching” is a hell of an opener. Simple and to the point. The use of electric guitar near the end, and the backing vocals, really ties it together. This is deftly followed up by “Sour Notes.” It is more of the same. Great, personal lyrics that are easily relatable and furthering the narrative of trying to find your own reason. I know that I make it sound contrived, but it is really great. When the yelling and gang vocal kick in near the end, it seems cathartic as hell. “It’s A Peej Thing” and “Brainwashed” are fucking killing it. There are elements of hardcore and ska in these songs that almost come out of left field. It is totally welcome, and doesn’t seem out of place. “Brainwashed” has a serious Battle Hymns era Suicide Machines or Against All Authority vibe to it. That is fucking killer.

I can’t stress enough how strong this EP is. People who are stoked on any version of “punk rock” can find something to like here. These are personal songs that also have a political bent. It never gets clubbing or overbearing. Punk rock needs more of this in the community. Don’t sleep on this.

Scrap Kids

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