REVIEW: Football, etc. – “Corner”


It’s kind of hard to write about Football, etc. at this point. I been writing about them for about as long as I’ve been running this blog. I first talked about them when I wrote up their First Down EP. I also covered their previous two full lengths (The Draft and Audible), their Disappear EP, and their split with Plaids. There isn’t much to say about them that I haven’t already said sometime in the last six years.

Football, etc is one of my favorite bands to have come out of that late 2000s emo scene. They were right there at the start of the emo revival (or whatever), and they’ve outlived many of their peers. In fact, Football, etc. are one of the bands I most associate with the current genre. They’ve put out consistently great records. They do that second wave emo sound better than most current bands going. They are a torchbearer. Corner is another example of all that.

Their third full length, and first on Community Records, is a distillation of the growth the band has experienced. While the songwriting and vocal performance from Lindsay Minton is still the goddamn show, it has become more and more about how the trio works together. Allowing certain pop influences to shine through have made the rhythm section of Mercy Harper and Daniel Hawkins an unstoppable force. “Foul” and “Nutmeg” are perfect examples of how the band can absolutely fucking go. Minton’s guitar is still out there twinkling, but things really pop when she gets some distortion going. Her vocal delivery sounds as strong as ever. There is a much more dynamic range than on records past. A song like “Space” wouldn’t​ be horribly out of place on a record like The Draft or Audible, but it certainly would be the outlier.

Corner is the sound of a band that has matured beyond being a “genre band.” You can still call them emo, and you’d be right. Football, etc. are much more than that though, and it’s great to see that they’re still growing.

Football, etc.
Community Records (USA)
Barely Regal (UK)
Stiff Slack (JPN)

REVIEW: Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) – "Home After Three Months Away"

This record is Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)’s newest 7″. As far as the record, it is pretty much what one would expect from this band. While they have had various people work in this band in the past, it is only the core of Keith and Cathy Latinen here. Per the insert, “Cathy played her guitar parts, and Keith did the rest.” They did it well, as this records sounds great.

What we have here is an emo record in the vein of Mineral or Christie Front Drive. Slow, sad sounding jams are to be had. As such, you can expect clean, twinkly guitars and great lyrics. For a release by this band, the songs are rather short. Between two and three minutes each, which compared to the four or five plus minute songs this band is known for, is quite a dose of brevity. In keeping with brevity, it is a four song 7″ and I do not want to do another overly long review. Long story short, it is a great example of what emo can still be. Basically, this band is all about the quality. I highly recommend it.

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