YEAR END! – Top Twenty EPs / Splits Of 2013


  • Nobody, Ever – “This Wall Is Dedicated To Liam And His Mates”
  • All Dogs – “All Dogs”
  • The Island Of Misfit Toys – “Furiouser & Furiouser”
  • Adobe Homes / Innards – “Split”
  • These Branches – “Beliefs”
  • Best Practices – Sore Subjects
  • Late Night Beers – “Waking”
  • Lemuria – “Brilliant Dancer”
  • Dads – “Pretty Good”
  • Football, etc / Plaids – “Split”
  • Perfect Future – “Irrational, Malleable, Inevitable”
  • Sunday Guts – “Leave It Go”
  • Graves. – “We Could Stand Here, SIlent And Still”
  • Tyler Daniel Bean – “Everything You Do Scares Me”
  • Young Turks – “Where I Rise”
  • Self Defense Family – “You Are Beneath Her”
  • Abi Reimold / Infinity Crush – “Wish It Stopped (split)”
  • Iron Chic – “Spooky Action”
  • Dikembe / Pet Symmetry – “Split”
  • Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) / Malegoat – “Split”

REVIEW: Infinity Crush / Abi Reimold – "Wish It Stopped" (split)

I’m totally in love with this record. I am a sucker for a sad song, and this split release has that in spades. Both Infinity Crush and Abi Reimold play a great bit of acoustic music. Indie folk, or whatever you want to call it. As such. it is very minimal.

There is really only one downside to Wish It Stopped. It is an uneven split. Infinity Crush has four songs on it, where Abi Reimold only has two. I would have loved to see an even split to it. Both are very adept at painting pictures lyrically.

Infinity Crush is the solo project by Caroline White (from Teen Suicide and also Julia Brown). She is very adept at making very good pop music from the start. Her side of this is full of very personal and cathartic songs. Her twist on indie folk is beautiful. There are some lines in her songs that hit hard. Notably, opener “Before We Disappear (Forever)” and “Sober + Showered.” There is a strong feeling of loneliness inherent in these songs. I know a sentence like that sounds dramatic, but it is best explained in listening,

For her side, Abi Reimold knocks it out of the park with her two songs. “Nuthin” and “Swift.” Her voice is beautiful, in a way that reminds me of an old jazz singer. Especially on “Swift.” There also seems to be a Chan Marshall delivery in there too.

I’m not really doing this justice. You really have to listen to it.

(1-4 Infinity Crush. 5 & 6 Abi Reimold)

Infinity Crush
Abi Reimold
Bandcamp (free digital or buy cassette)
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