REVIEW: Sunday Guts – "Grey Tipi"

Is there something in the water in Lehigh Valley? Seems like I keep hearing about bands from that region, man. Sunday Guts are a two-piece band hailing from Bethlehem, PA. For their debut EP, the band has made a great introduction for themselves.  Grey Tipi is 12 minutes of great indie rock (of the jangle pop persuasion),

Billy Kilgannon and Victor Berger IV have made a very cohesive record that can really appeal to anyone. Indie rock fans who are stoked on Guided By Voices can enjoy this (as it shares a similar aesthetic), but kids who are into guitar driven pop music can also get down with it.

Overall, Sunday Guts have produced a great EP chocked full of great hooks and catchy riffs. It is a fun listen if nothing else. I hope they can follow through with plans to make a full length, because any addition music by these guys would be great. They have posted this up for free download over at BandCamp through November 1st. You have nothing to lose, get into these guys now. Make sure to check out “Sunday Guts’ Halloween Song.” That song is totally killing it.

Sunday Guts
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