REVIEW: Adobe Homes / Innards – "Split"

Adobe Homes and Innards are both great examples of this whole “emo revival” thing that people keep talking about. Falling in with the more aggressive/screamy side of things, both bands are very adept at creating very cathartic music.

Adobe Homes hits really hard on the A-side with “You’re More Like A Sunflower Than A Rose.” This song exists in a nice middle ground between melodic and hardcore. I guess it plays to the post-hardcore side of things more than it does straight up riffing hardcore. At three and a half minutes, it plays just long enough to be enjoyable. This kind of music, especially given the lyrical content, can start to get a little self indulgent if it carries on for too long. Adobe Homes hits it square on the head.

On the flipside, Innards rip through 2 songs at just under two minutes combined. “College House” and “Construction” hit more on the straight up hardcore side. At 50 seconds and 56 seconds respectively, these songs are there and gone in a flash. While the short runtime leaves a little to be desired, that is just kind of how this bands rolls. The songs both stay melodic, but never lose their aggression. The songs are short and fast, but never quite hit the thrashy Assfactor Four / Ampere level of things. In short, they are solid enough, and hit just right.

This is pretty solid split. At just five and a half minutes, it is a little on the short side. That’s not really a problem though. It is a solid five and half minutes of loud, cathartic emotional hardcore. Hardcore, emo, you can call it whatever you want (just not skramz, because that word is dumb). It is really worth checking out.

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REVIEW: Dads – "American Radass (this is important)"

If you remove some of the goofier parts from their overall aesthetic, Dads is a band that is fucking killing it. In spite of the wacky song/album titles and goofy cover art, what you have is a band that is the best at what they do. Some great stuff has already come out this year, especially within the punk/emo thing, and Dads is right there near the top.

American Radass (this is important) is a hell of a record. While there are some slower moments on it, the lion’s share of this album blows past you in no time at all. Dads is able to maintain the momentum, which is especially notable since the is a seven minute song right in the middle of it all. Said seven minute song, “Shit Twins,” might be the strongest song on the whole damn thing. It is a song that just keeps building upon itself until the end.

I complain about album sequencing nigh constantly. This record doesn’t have that problem. Album opener “If Your Song Title Has The Word “Beach” In It, I’m Not Listening To It” flows almost perfectly into “Get To The Beach.” That is generally true for the record as a whole. Everything flows together like crazy. As far as the other technical stuff, the record sounds great too. Clean enough to show off the melodic/twinkly stuff, and dirty enough to play up the straight up punk stuff.

For the boring “recommended if you like” part, this is a no brainer for folks who are still upset about Snowing not being a thing (or are super bummed about Algernon Cadwallader). This is an emo record that can absolutely appeal to anyone who is stoked on punk rock. Get into it.


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