YEAR END! – Best Seven Inches Of The Year

These are the Top ten 7″ releases of the year.

1) Lemuria – Varoom Allure (Bridge Nine


2) State Lines – Self Titled (Tiny Engine


3) Snowing – Pump Fake / Scherbatsky (Square Of Opposition)

4) Restorations – A/B (Tiny Engines)


5) Dowsing / Parker – Split (Count Your Lucky Stars)


REVIEW: Restorations – "A/B" (7")

Restorations self titled record was one of the best last year. A/B is their new 7″, and it is certainly a great extension of that LP. To keep this brief, we have a great 10 minutes of roots rock by way of punk.  “A” is quite reminiscent of “Neighborhood Song” (off their full length). “B” is a straight ahead rocker. You just know that song would kill live. Especially with the whoas.

Everything about the previous full length is true here. This band is still hard to peg down as being just one thing. Jon Loudon’s gruff, gravelly voice still drips with sincerity. The band, as a full unit, has made another great sounding bit of rock. And there are just enough fun little detours into post-hardcore angularity to keep it from being formulaic.

If you haven’t already checked these guys out yet, get on with it. This is a 7″ that will appeal to even the most jaded rock fan. Whether they are stoked on punk rock or not.

Tiny Engines
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