REVIEW: Milkshakes – “Dog Years”


I’m a sucker for poppy, hooky music. Driving punk rock songs that also have those qualities are a total no brainer. I’m super into that shit. But, honestly, who isn’t? Well, I guess there are some dorks who probably aren’t. Whatever.

Milkshakes is a band that has actually been around for a few years now. Dog Years is their second EP, and third release overall (per their Bandcamp anyway). It is a quick four song, with a 13 minute runtime. It is a quick exercise in great indie/punk rock music. Superchunk and Osker influences are abound, with maybe a touch of The Get Up Kids and Knapsack too.

The songs have a way of working their way into your head. There are great vocal hooks, on “8:15” and “Cave In” especially. Dog Years is a fun listen, but certainly treads on well worn ground. It’s got a whole bunch of promise though. Milkshakes is a band that is maybe still trying to find their voice. They have the potential to be something pretty great once they do.

Bandcamp / Buy It

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