REVIEW: Football, etc. – “Disappear”

fbedFootball, etc. are a band that have consistently produced some of the most engaging examples of what indie and emo music have to offer. They definitely don’t seem to get the full credit they deserve. Especially in a world where everyone is content to be just another emo/punk band. There is something to be said for subtlety. There is something to be said for nuance. Football, etc. have plenty of both, and it makes for really good music.

Football, etc. has showed a great amount of growth over the years. They established their sound back in 2009, and have spent the intervening years perfecting it. They were a scrappy young band when First Down and their split with Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) came out. Disappear shows a band that has continually grown and refined their sound. Football, etc. have a sounded rooted in classic Midwestern emo, but they’ve become a cornerstone of the contemporary scene.

Disappear really solidifies that for me. It’s an EP that is really representative of what the band has done and can do. Lindsay Minton has gotten stronger as a vocalist, both in delivery and clarity. The added string section sounds on “Sweep” and “Open” add an interesting flavor to the sound. Everything else is pure Football, etc.. One of the best things about Disappear is the production. Football, etc. really made the right choice by working with J. Robbins.

This is a great EP from a great band. Football, etc. should be one of the biggest name in modern day indie and emo music. Let’s get on making that happen.

Football, etc.
Count Your Lucky Stars
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