REVIEW: Twin Cities – “The Things You Say You Just Went Through”

twincitiesttysyjwtPunk rock, and all related genres, seems to be stuck in an arrested development. So many songs are sung as a way to either hearken back to perceived halcyon days, or else they are made as a direct challenge to the idea of being an adult. Some of the best bands have made entire careers on this kind of thing. Even going back to the Ramones. There was a concept of not wanting to grow up. Or, rather, not wanting to be a grown up. Twin Cities kind of tackle this same theme on The Things You Say You Just Went Through. It’s an interesting take on a pretty worn troupe.

Twin Cities is a two piece band out of Wichita, KS. As such, they play a sound that has a lot of Midwestern flavor to it. They have a pretty solid mixture of Midwestern punk, indie rock, and a slight hint of emo. “Settling For Second Best” definitely has some emo influenced guitars in the chorus. “Black Box” has it in the verses. Otherwise, The Things You Say You Just Went Through is a melodic indie/punk played with a certain level of abandon. It’s not an abrasive record, it’s not a particularly heavy record. But it plays like a record made by a duo. It’s not sloppy, I suppose. It’s certainly not polished either. This may not work for everyone. I can definitely see some people not digging the structure, or lack thereof. It’s a very loose record. Very enjoyable, but definitely loose.

Touching back on the lyrical content, there is a lot to like. They are, again, treading pretty worn ground. They do enough to keep it interesting though. “Black Box” seems to be about trying to reconcile your past. More being stuck in the place where you want to get away from it, but still want it to mean something in the grander scheme of things. “Belmont Hills” feels like it’s about adult life not measuring up to what a child’s idea of “adulthood” is. As a whole, the record’s overall theme of growing up is touched upon. Be it the desire to do it, or the desire to not. There is a lot of tackling the issues of adulthood here. Being unsure of the future, and getting caught in the past.

Twin Cities have done quite a bit for themselves since they’ve been around. They’ve already had a few releases out. The Things You Say You Just Went Through is not a huge departure from what has come before, but has a more electric, raucous feel to it. I give them a lot of credit. It’s a daunting task to do something different than you usually do. Adventuring outside your comfort zone should always be rewarded.

Twin Cities
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