REVIEW: Bad Daddies – “Negative Fun 2014 Singles Club”

baddaddiesBad Daddies is a fucking punk rock band. They embody everything that I loved about punk when I first started to get into it. They’re loud, fast, and full of piss and vinegar. They are a band who fits in perfectly with the tradition of hardcore and punk. And, really, that’s what it is. A tradition.

The band tears through four songs in about six and a half minutes. The songs are heavy on feedback and aggressive as hell. It’s not some slick bullshit in any way. It’s just raw and forceful. The whole thing is held together by the deceivingly melodic vocals of Camylle Reynolds. She has the force to really belt it out, but shows a fair amount of restraint. She helps keep the overall sound from getting too abrasive.

That isn’t to say it’s some pop punk record or anything. Far from it. The music fires on all cylinders. It reminds me of those classic Bay Area punk bands. The ones who never crossed over, but understood melody. That makes sense though, considering they’re from there.

They’re familiar without being nostalgic bullshit. As far as contemporary bands go, think somewhere in there with White Lung and Perfect Pussy. It’s a raucous record that is a fucking blast from front to back.

It’s snotty, it’s loud, and it’s noisy. It’s also one of the best things you’ll hear this year.

Bad Daddies
Negative Fun Records
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**This particular EP is part of Negative Fun’s subscription series. So, check that out for more information.**

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