REVIEW: Football, etc – “Audible”

So I know I just reviewed a Football, etc release a little over a month ago (specifically their split with Plaids), but we’re talking about them again. Coming off the strength of that split, we have their sophomore LP. Audible is everything I wanted a full length from this bands to be. I mean that without any hint of hyperbole.

When I reviewed their debut LP back in 2011, I was a little bummed on certain parts of the record. None of those things are issues here. One of the greatest improvements was on the production side of things. Teaming Football, etc up with Ed Rose was basically perfect. Everything sounds dynamic. Lindsay Minton’s vocals (and guitar) finally stand out. They are crisp and clear. That’s not to say the rest of the band doesn’t show up. Shit, everything sounds crisp and clear. Mercy Harper’s bass and Edward Reisner drums also shine.

What I’ve always liked about Football, etc is the songwriting. It has always stood out to me for how concise and exact it is lyrically. A lot of indie/emo bands tend to fall into overly elaborate lyrical traps. I have no problem with it really. It’s just a lot easier to connect to a lyrically straight forward song. “Blackout” and “Return” are perfect examples of this. Both are strong, and convey clear messages. I know it’s a weird thing to be stoked about. Why write a page when you can express your feelings in a paragraph?

In that spirit, I’ll cut to the chase. This is one of the best records of the year. Recently I’ve gotten a bit burned out of emo records. Football, etc got me out of that funk. They made a record that I could get really excited about. This should be right near the top of everyone’s lists.

Football, etc
Count Your Lucky Stars
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