REVIEW: Orphans – "Pack Mentality"

I don’t fuck with hardcore too often. I mean, I really only partake of it when filtered through something else (or with the “post-” prefix). I know this sounds kind of dumb. Especially given my affinity for music that is, by it’s very nature, rooted in hardcore. What does any of this have to do with Orphans?

Well, Orphans play screamo/hardcore with a bit of metal in there too. Think somewhere in the middle of Circle Takes The Square and Botch. Leaning more towards the former than the latter, this band employs a similar vocal and music style. While it can get a bit by the books, it is still rather enjoyable.

Musically, this band is tight as hell. They can play towards the chaotic, angular style, and then merge right back in to the straight up hardcore/metal stuff. Through this ability, they are able to meld a number of genres together in a short span of time. This is really noticible on “Dark Satanic Mills” and “White Guilt.” The latter being the total standout on here.

This kind of stuff is hard to peg down, as it has been done to death over the years. Orphans are certainly very adept at making it their own. It’s not anything new, but it is still enjoyable.

Never Lost Records

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