REVIEW: Treeforts – "Dick Jokes"

I very much cover niche records. My bread and butter is primarily “emo revival” stuff (or whatever the cool buzzword is these days). The amount of bands in that field never fails to surprise me. It is really awesome to constantly be exposed to so many great up and coming bands. Treeforts is one of those bands. So much fucking potential. This band is certainly capable of knocking out some great punk/emo jams.

Coming out of Baltimore, Treeforts have crafted a very engaging EP. Coming in a similar style as Dads or Dowsing, Treeforts are able to walk the emo/punk/indie line pretty well. Emo music, like all punk music in general, has very regional flavors. As a record, Dick Jokes adeptly meshes twinkly, Midwest style emo with melodic East Coast punk. Like, the builds are great. A song can start very calm and mellow, but just builds up on itself. Then, when the gang vocals kick in, you feel it.

Lyrically, this record is very cohesive. Themes that show up in one song will show up again later. This is especially noticeable in two song pairs. Namely “Heavy Farts” / “Heavy Hearts,” and “Action Figures” / “Caesar Salad Days.” Little things like a repeated line or even word. So many releases feel like a collection of unrelated songs. This is especially true for first records. It’s good to see a band start off strong.

All in all, this EP is a winner. I’m really interested to see where the band goes from here.


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