REVIEW: Among Giants – "Truth Hurts"

So, folk punk is still a thing. It is a pretty fucking expansive genre, which probably explains the longevity and continued popularity. You have everything from the anarcho-punk rooted stuff on Plan-It-X to the more personal, emotional stuff. Like any other punk related subgenre, folk punk is both loved and derided by people depending on which part they hear. Among Giants fall into the latter variant, it is pure emotion that is devoid of the sloganeering bullshit. In short, Truth Hurts is a great record that has a lot of heart.

Among Giants play a great mix of indie, folk punk, and pop punk. The record flows at a pretty consistent pace, and it hits way the fuck more than it misses. It encapsulates the general angst of post-college aged kids, which is a much harder thing than it seems. From around 1994-2000 music for this age group was primarily disaffected and wallowing in some post-modern idea of “irony.” The music geared to that age range these days is similar in it’s jadedness, but remains optimistic. This is the strength of Among Giants as a band and Truth Hurts as a record.

“Late Nights” is one of the best album openers in recent memory. As it should, it almost perfectly sets the emotional tone for the remainder of the record. “Get Your Shit Straight” and “What’s The Point?” are able to paint optimism and frustration in a way that avoids getting preachy. The whole record plays to this narrative, and it is much to the strength of the overall thing.

While some points can get a little samey, Among Giants are able to keep things interesting by mixing the acoustic guitar and a guy stuff with the great full band stuff. This split occurs sometimes within single songs. It makes for an engaging listen. It might not reinvent the wheel, but it sure is good. This shit rules, ok?

Among Giants
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*I’m still unsure if this is a proper full band, just a single dude, or some variation thereof. So, I just defaulted to a full band. So, yeah.

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