REVIEW: Beach House – "Bloom"

I don’t tend to review this genre very often. I know that seems kind of dumb, but I just find it hard to do. That said, Beach House is one of the bands on the forefront of the whole dream pop resurgence thing. And, by god, they really should be. This genre lends itself to some rather trite bullshit, and to be a band who can do it solidly says something.  Never mind being able to do it consistently through four full albums (and countless EPs and singles).

Bloom is nothing if not ambient as fuck. There is a great level of space in these songs. Most are very drawn out, slow burns. The blending of the instruments feeds this. And, honestly, that is the strength of this band and this album. You can put this record on and just feel it. Where punk bands make their bread and butter by stirring the listener up, this just flows along.

What makes Bloom great is that it actually feels like a proper album. A whole lot of bands seem content to make albums that are disjointed, but have a lot of potential singles. Beach House has delivered an album that is seemingly full of single, but retains a cohesive vibe throughout. That is something that deserves praise.

Damn near every music site has fallen all over themselves throwing praise at this record. Let me join in. This shit rules.

Beach House
Sub Pop Records
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