Move On, MS: A Night to Keep You Moving Against Multiple Sclerosis

In lieu of a review, I want to talk about something that is pretty awesome. Not sure how much good it will do, as I am really not sure what the regional reach of this blog is. Near as I can tell, most of the readers I have are pretty local to the greater Chicagoland area. But, this seems like something worth bringing up. There is an event going on in New York next month. It is a show that is promoting awareness of Multiple Sclerosis. Anyone who knows me in real life knows that this is a pretty personal topic to me. So, I will link to the thing in a bit. But, let me give you a little bit of a personal story. It won’t take long.

I was diagnosed with MS about 6 months ago. The odd thing to me was that, outside of people who have (or have friends/family with) MS, there is not nearly as much public knowledge about it as there is a lot of other things. Like, you can turn the TV on and pick any channel, and sooner or later you will see a commercial for some kind of charity (smart money is on a cancer charity). I know that it sounds like I’m being shitty or bitter, but that is how it looks to me.
When I talk about MS, I am usually making some stupid joke or downplaying the effect it has on my life. I am still early on in my diagnosis. The only real issue I have at this point is reduced vision in my right eye due to optic neuritis. Other than that, I have had no real problems as a result of Multiple Sclerosis. That said, I know that I most certainly will later down the road. Shit is kind of scary to me. I know that, somewhere down the road, it will totally have a major effect on my life. That kind of thing is something you really can’t prepare for. Especially given the nature of the disease.
So, back to the event. There is something happening called “Move On, MS: A Night to Keep You Moving Against Multiple Sclerosis.” There are a lot of things going on at that event. There is a show and a raffle going on. Things have been donated for the raffle from some great labels and band. They include Team Reasonable favourites like Tiny Engines, Fat Wreck Chords, and Merge Records. Also from Sumerian Records, Roadrunner Records, EMI, and Pearl and the Beard. They will also have some performances by Restorations, The Waltz, Oscar Albis Rodriguez (Ghost Robot Ninja Bear), Anthony Walker, and a DJ set by Brian Pacris.
This event is being run by someone named Katie Ellsweig. Here is the description from the event page:

“As many of you know, my mother, Jean Ellsweig, lost her fight with Multiple Sclerosis in March of 2011. She was 52 years old. She was diagnosed with a rapidly progressive form of MS in 1987 and spent the final ten years of her life living in a nursing facility. The difficulties that she faced, and the turmoil that we went through as a family as a result was unimaginable.

My goal is to create a community; a support system and a true bond for MS patients and their families. I want children to know that there are people to talk to and that there is not only hope, but extraordinary advances in the treatment of MS. There is no cure yet. But there is kindness. I hope you will join my in honoring my mother and all those suffering from MS. I hope you will fight with me.!”

I don’t know anyone associated with this event. I have no connection to them. I am just super stoked that an event like this is happening. I am stoked to see labels and bands that I like being involved with it. I hope this event goes off without any problems. Everyone involved with this is fucking awesome.

So, yeah, here are the details:
Move On, MS: A Night to Keep You Moving Against Multiple Sclerosis
07:30pm @ American Trash (1471 1st Ave, Manhattan, NY 10075)

If you are in NYC, go to this. As much as I hate to use this space to advertise a non-midwest thing (a fucking New York thing at that), this seems pretty awesome.


(Sorry I couldn’t tag every label and performer. Blogger is pretty dickish about character limits for the tags)

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