REVIEW: You, Me, And Everyone We Know – "Things Are Really Weird Right Now"

Well, we can throw this band on the list of bands that broke up this year. This EP is a pretty good way to go out. Prior to starting this review, I should note that I am reviewing the 7″ version. Seems that it is not the same track order as on the other formats. So, you know, that is kind of goofy. But, anyway.

You, Me, And Everyone We Know played some pretty solid pop music. As such, there is a bit of dissonance between lyrical content and musical style. We have three songs of rather sunny sounding music, but some rather bummer lyrics. Really, that is a perfect way for a record called Things Are Really Weird Right Now to be.
The titular song is the great, stand out cut on this record. The vocals are great, the keyboard line is fantastic, and the guitars are nice and sunny in a pretty awesome, British invasion type way. The song has the type of lyrics that would be great to sing along with when you’re having a shitty day.
“Now you might wonder where that leaves me
I’m not complaining, just beginning to see
I never really learned just how to aspire
mostly self deprecate, detach, and retire”

The other two songs follow a similar style. “Sad Bastard Music” being a songs that more than lives up to it’s title. “There Was A Thump, Then Another” is a great closer. There is one beef I have with the latter song. In the chorus, some words get emphasized in a weird kind of way. But, minor quibble aside, both songs are just as strong as the titular track.
Overall, this is a great EP. A good swan song. Musically, this is a solid guitar pop record. It follows the lineage of great British invasion pop records. It has a throwback kind of sound in the same kind of way as Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. Really, you can’t go wrong with that.

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