REVIEW: Family Lumber – "Look To The Sidelines"

Family Lumber is not reinventing any wheels. As such, this record is pretty by the book indie rock. This is not meant as a slight, though I guess I can see how it would be that way. All in all, it is a pretty great EP. It is one of those records that would not sound out of place in the catalog of Merge, Polyvinyl, or Sub Pop.

Stylistically, there is quite a bit of hopping around. The first song, “Before I Sleep,” is a pretty straight forward indie rock song. Not unlike middle era Death Cab For Cutie (I know this is a lazy comparison. Seems everyone is making it. So, why not me?). As such, we get a kind of self deprecating kind of song. Unlike so much of the stuff I usually review, it is not a total bummer song.

The last three songs sound like a mix of Pavement, Built To Spill, and maybe Spoon. “Everything You Wanted To Say” is not unlike the first song. A bit bouncier, a bit jammier in parts. Maybe some guitar noodles. You know. Awesome. “No Worries” starts with an acoustic little intro but gets back to electric. “The Past Is Going To Rule You” is just another straight ahead indie gem.

Michael Tietjen. the brains behind this operation, has a voice that this genre rarely gets. It is a deeper, warmer voice. a departure for the higher or more nasal voice is a welcome change. The voice is more Alex Kerns than Ben Barnett.

Overall, this record is a no-brainer for the indie set. It keeps itself rooted in classic 90’s alternative and indie without getting derivative. And, after dealing with a million throwback indie bands, this is a plus. The guitars get jangley, and goddamnit, when is that ever not good? If bands like Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin are your thing, fucking pick this up.

This band has been around for a few years now, they have one LP out, and three other EPs. There is no reason why this band should not be huge. So, you know, get on this.

(Note: This is self released. As such, I can not find a place for a physical release. But, they are selling it digitally on BandCamp).

Official Site
Buy It (BandCamp)

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