Kids And Heroes

Quick update, because it is Sunday (well, Monday now) and I have not updated anything. So, quick updates.

1) Went to day two and three of Bouncing Souls’ four shows this weekend at Reggie’s up in Chicago. Overall, they were great shows. Day two was their self titled record and Hopeless Romantic. The openers for that show were The Brokedowns and The Arrivals. The Brokedowns were great for what they are. If you are stoked on the whole D4 / Lawrence Arms type Midwest pop punk, check them out. The Arrivals were alright. They were never my thing. Souls were great. A few lyric flubs, but a solid performance.

Day three was How I Spent My Summer Vacation and Anchors Aweigh. Openers were The Night Brigade (who I missed) and The Falcon. It is always fun to see The Falcon. Their line-up consisted of Brendan Kelly, Neil Hennessey, Eli Caterer (Smoking Popes), and Derek Grant (Alkaline Trio). They were fun as always. Got to talk to Toby Jeg briefly, as he was doing merch for The Falcon. But, like a terrible blog runner that I am, I was drinking and did not ask anything worth noting.

The downside for the show was that it had totally sold out, and Reggie’s is fucking terrible with sellout crowds. Fucking nowhere to move. Souls were great when doing the songs from …Summer Vacation. Just good for Anchors Aweigh. Overall a good show.

2) Picked up the Hot Water Music / Bouncing Souls split. HWM’s cover of “True Believers” was great. The Bouncing Souls cover of “Wayfarer” is good. But, covering HWM is always kind of a pain in the ass.

3) Music Think Tank posted an article called “Do Social Networks Really Help Musicians?” Worth reading. As an editorial side note, bands need to have websites. The whole purpose of social networking sites is to send traffic to your website. Yeah, you can host music there, but most of those media players are terrible. Stop using those as your primary websites. Shit, even set up a Tumblr or something.

Also, good to see the Mavericks win the NBA title. Fuck the Miami Heat. I hope the Bulls can sign someone good in the off season. Chicago needs a championship.

Now that basketball is over all I have is the Cubs. Fuck.

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